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What Indian Entrepreneurs Want?

(Published: Business World, 13 Jan 2011 http://www.businessworld.in/businessworld/businessworld/content/What-Indian-Entrepreneurs-Want.html)   Indian entrepreneurship eco-system is far from being adequate. Startup Weekend India may serve as one of the few platforms, integrating and building entrepreneurial capacities through informal networks The inadequacies of Indian startup ecosystem are no surprise to anyone. For the most enigmatic stories that we hear about … Continue reading

Change Management: Five Big Questions to ask yourself for Preparation

Five issues on which to build your change strategy around

Retail Gyan: What can we learn from fruit-trees about marketing

Are trees good salesmen? Do they know something that a lot of experts on retail don’t? I guess yes. Innocuous little fruits hanging from the trees and waiting for somebody to pick them-  a bird, animal or a man. Lets see how they put in practice one of the modern retail management practice and do … Continue reading

Time Value of Supplier Retention

Supplier discovery and its integration is an important centrestone of any supply chain. Most successful companies look towards developing long term relationships with their suppliers where they work collaboratively towards enhancing returns for both the parties. Infact some of the most successful supplier relationships extend well over decades. The relationship builds over time (Quite obviously … Continue reading

Technology for the Early Man

(Published: Business World, 10 Dec 2011, http://www.businessworld.in/businessworld/businessworld/content/Technology-Early-Man.html) Much like Apple’s tablet dream gave it iPad, Clean Technology will usher in market shifts Within the first year of its launch, Apple’s ipad had notched up sales of 15 million pieces. No matter what I write here about the iPad but my reader knows I cannot overestimate … Continue reading

Can public transport be free and yet make money?

Last weekend I posted this question to a class of students at Institute of Energy & Management Research during the course of a session on Business Model Innovation. And it was quite interesting to see how they did come up with a variety of good ideas to do this. Just to give you a little … Continue reading

Ferraris For Polar Bears

(Published: Business World, 26 Nov 2011, http://www.businessworld.in/businessworld/businessworld/content/Ferraris-Polar-Bears.html) Earlier this year Nissan came forth with its ad campaign for ‘Leaf’ – its electric car- that had a polar bear travelling all the way from melting arctic ice shelves to hug a Nissan Leaf owner as if thanking him for making a smart choice. (On a lighter … Continue reading

Venture Capital : Volume v/s Margins

Which business models are the better ones – those rely on high volume, low margins or those that rely on low transactions and high margins per transaction or a mix of both? And where do the investors see the maximum value? This is often a question that growing enterprises face initially that do they focus … Continue reading

Electric Vehicles, Critical Growth Factors

While there may be no doubt that electric vehicles (EV) will eventually replace the internal combustion engine to an significant extent but there is doubt when will that happen. Globally the EV enthusiasts are working out a number of innovative ways to push the economic envelope of electric vehicle towards greater viability. And therefore what … Continue reading

Stockout Criticality

Recently this question came to me. What must be the most critical items whose stockouts must be avoided at a retail store? Those items that sell more volumes or those that generate better profit margins? Or those that generate more customer loyalty or are important to customer? There are some items that sell at a … Continue reading

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