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Technology for the Early Man

(Published: Business World, 10 Dec 2011, http://www.businessworld.in/businessworld/businessworld/content/Technology-Early-Man.html) Much like Apple’s tablet dream gave it iPad, Clean Technology will usher in market shifts Within the first year of its launch, Apple’s ipad had notched up sales of 15 million pieces. No matter what I write here about the iPad but my reader knows I cannot overestimate … Continue reading

Ferraris For Polar Bears

(Published: Business World, 26 Nov 2011, http://www.businessworld.in/businessworld/businessworld/content/Ferraris-Polar-Bears.html) Earlier this year Nissan came forth with its ad campaign for ‘Leaf’ – its electric car- that had a polar bear travelling all the way from melting arctic ice shelves to hug a Nissan Leaf owner as if thanking him for making a smart choice. (On a lighter … Continue reading

Innovate Or Negotiate

(Published :24 Sep 2011 , http://www.businessworld.in/businessworld/businessworld/content/Innovate-Or-Negotiate.html) Japan stands to lose its technology leadership in many areas and along with that its export revenues, if the recent trickle of high technology Japanese companies moving to China turns into exodus. While manufacturing moving to China has been the usual trend in the last decade but this recent … Continue reading

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