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What Indian Entrepreneurs Want?

(Published: Business World, 13 Jan 2011 http://www.businessworld.in/businessworld/businessworld/content/What-Indian-Entrepreneurs-Want.html)   Indian entrepreneurship eco-system is far from being adequate. Startup Weekend India may serve as one of the few platforms, integrating and building entrepreneurial capacities through informal networks The inadequacies of Indian startup ecosystem are no surprise to anyone. For the most enigmatic stories that we hear about … Continue reading

Venture Capital : Volume v/s Margins

Which business models are the better ones – those rely on high volume, low margins or those that rely on low transactions and high margins per transaction or a mix of both? And where do the investors see the maximum value? This is often a question that growing enterprises face initially that do they focus … Continue reading

What’s The Big Deal?

(Published: July 30, 2011. http://www.businessworld.in/businessworld/businessworld/content/Whats-Big-Deal.html) In 2011, the average venture investment deal size in cleantech sector has been nearly double the overall deal size across all sectors, based on data from US. At about $14 million per deal not only it’s the highest across sectors but it is also close to double the average investment … Continue reading

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